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Green 8 Pack Edition 

These are DapperGanger Fun Socks. Designed to amp up your style and get you Compliments. Vivid Colors and Patterns that will brighten up your day. Look great with any wardrobe. They are guaranteed to make you feel sexy and confident. We love quality even more then we love style. Longer Length to compensate for shrinkage and guys with great big calves. Quality elastane cuff means your socks will stay up even when your down. Soft and Comfortable cotton blend with lots of stretch. They are not too thin and not too thick. One size fits most. Envision a better version of yourself.

Product Description 

These crazy socks will make you more approachable, look sexier and feel more confident. We aren’t kidding, these socks will be your social armour, consider these the first step to power dressing. This concept is called enclothed cognition, a scientific study that proves that what we wear affects our psychological states.

DapperGanger dress socks for men are made from a cotton blend of 78% Cotton, 20% Polyamide, 2% Spandex. These colorful socks are soft and super comfortable, not too thick, not too thin.

One size fits all (7-12) with a longer length to compensate for any shrinkage and guys with great big calves. Quality elastane cuff means your socks will stay up but they won’t cut off your circulation!

We recommend that you wash in cold water and hang. Want to throw them in the dryer? No problem! Colors will stay bright and socks will shrink a bit but, they’ve got lots of stretch and we made them a bit longer so that you still love them after many washes.

The perfect groomsmen gifts, these designer men socks pack of 8 will be loved by your groomsmen and, if worn at the wedding, they will contribute many funny socks photos and may give each of your groomsmen the perfect edge and personality.

With our cool socks in various designer patterns, you’re bound to love one or all of these novelty socks. Break the ice and become the life of the party. People will approach you when you wear colorful socks and you’ll be memorable! The perfect combination for dating and networking!

Imagine your otherwise boring black suit with our neon socks! Now that’s bold and bold is confidence! What type of man would you be if you were more confident?

We’re encouraging men to be more confident, more self-expressed, fun loving and happier people one pair of men socks at a time! Envision a better version of yourself!

  • OUR QUALITY BLEND: 78% Cotton+ 20% Polyamide+2% Spandex 
  • THESE ARE LONG LASTING DURABLE SOCKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Simply Hang Dry + Wash In Cold Water to Extend Life.
  • SUPER HIGH QUALITY SOFT AND LUXURIOUS MENS DRESS SOCKS ARE LONG LASTING AND DURABLE! Buy DapperGanger high quality unique socks that will last! You get what you pay for! Treat yourself to a sock that doesn’t have a 1 day shelf life simply because of price. You’ll end up paying more in the long run and wasting your money on socks you don't even wear. Maintain your socks how we specify above and watch your sock life become ageless.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT PACK FOR BIRTHDAY'S, HOLIDAYS, ETC. BE KNOWN AS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL PERSON WHEN THE RECIPIENT CONSTANTLY GETS COMPLIMENTS AND IS ASKED WHERE THEY GOT THEIR SOCKS! High-end, pristine packaging. No wrapping necessary, no socks in a plastic bag. The perfect designer gift. Unique patterns in each box. No cookie cutter socks here. We believe that something as simple as an amazing pair of socks has the power to change your daily outlook, enhance your confidence and benefit your social life.
  • DESIGNER PATTERNS AND BOLD COLOURS. NOT TOO THICK, NOT TOO THIN. LONGER LENGTH TO COMPENSATE FOR SHRINKAGE OR BIG CALVED MEN. MADE WITH QUALITY ELASTANE CUFF TO HOLD YOUR SOCKS UP WITHOUT PINCHING YOUR LEG. These are designer socks without the designer price tag. You are getting socks that are super soft against your skin, elastic cuff that keeps your socks up but wont strangle your leg and longer length to compensate for any shrinkage and anyone with big calves. Each design and color combination is inspired by the latest fashion trends.
  • GUARANTEED TO GET YOU NOTICED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! These super bright crazy mens socks with colorful sock designs and wild patterns will definitely get you noticed! Reveal your youthful, playful and charismatic side making it easier for people to connect to you and love you! Exude confidence and watch to see how a simple pair of fun socks makes you more desirable and approachable. Rake in the compliments and be admired as the Stylish, cool and confident guy.
  • PREMIUM DESIGNER QUALITY SOCKS. DAPPERGANGER SOCKS HAVE A VELVETY SOFT FEEL AGAINST YOUR SKIN. PREMIUM COTTON BLENDS WITH MOISTURE WICKING FABRIC TO KEEP YOUR FEET DRY AND COMFORTABLE. Check out our reviews to see what others are saying about DapperGanger socks. These are an amazing gift whether they are for you or for someone else, you wont be disappointed! Our trendsetting packaging, sock quality and fashion forward design will win you over! We are sure of it!
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST (7-12) with longer length to compensate for any shrinkage or guys with great big calves.
  • DapperGanger Fun Socks were designed to amp-up your style and get you compliments. We design socks with vivid colors and patterns that look great with any wardrobe.


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