Q.  Are all your products vegan? (BEARD KIT)

A.  Everything is Vegan except for the Beard Balm. In future we will test out making it vegan but don't want to compromise scent or texture as right now they are perfect.

Q. What size should I get if I wear a womens's size 10?  (COMPRESSION SOCKS)

A. Our S/M go from 6-8, Our L/XL ago from 8-12.  We recommend the L/XL in this Case.

Q. Do you get 4 pairs of socks with this deal? (COMPRESSION SOCKS)

A. Yes you get 4 pairs of the socks for the current price. This is our launch price so it may go up in the future.

Q. Are these knee length? (COMPRESSION SOCKS)

A. These will go up to just under the knee so they don't rub against the inside of your knee!

Q. Will these socks fit someone who wears 12 wide shoes? (FUN SOCKS)

A. They should be fine. Jack (founder) is a size 13 and they fit great so we don't foresee any issues. 

Q. How is the quality, any holes/runs or signs of wearing after multiple washes? (FUN SOCKS)

A. These are premium quality socks, you shouldnt notice any wear and tear after multiple washes however we suggest you follow our care instructions and hang to dry to preserve these for as long as possible.  We have done a 50 wash test with no signs of wear or tear

Q. Will they fit Mens size 13 shoe? (FUN SOCKS)

A. Yes!

Q. How many socks come in a pack?  (FUN SOCKS 4 PACK)

A. Four

Q. Are these socks good for working out?  (FUN SOCKS)

A. These are really dress socks however you can use them for a work out and they are just fine! Please note, these are not as thick as regular sport socks.  

Q. What size are these socks? (FUN SOCKS)

A. We state the size as  fitting shoe sizes 7-12 however these will fit a size 13 as well. 

Q. Are these over the calf length socks? (FUN SOCKS)

A. Yes!  They are purposely a little longer then normal socks to compensate for any shrinkage and for guys with bigger calves.