How to get approached Without Saying a Word

How do you generate sales for your business? Most of us have to attend networking events with a very small success rate because of the whole intimidating process. One of my big goals this year was to grow my life insurance business by networking with other professionals like real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors and even small business owners. I took my first planned action and attended a networking event with over 65 small business professionals.The initial awkward and introduction phase can seem like an impossible dream or even a big waste of time to many. Questions that came to mind were, how can you stand out from 6 Insurance agents who do exactly what I do? How can I engage with others without coming across as overly aggressive or yet the opposite standoffish, or shy? 

Introducing yourself to complete strangers can be very intimidating especially if you you are shy in first time encounters, which unfortunately I am. I get so nervous approaching people, my heart starts racing making the whole experience nerve racking and awkward even fake and rehearsed, can you relate? One of my better strengths is that I am an awesome problem solver. So I asked myself: How can I get approached by numerous professionals easily without starting fake conversations awkwardly, all the while coming across as confident, bold, approachable, and most importantly memorable and while were at it, it wouldn't hurt to get a nice compliment as the introductory ice breaker. A tall order to fill for a solution. 

My Proven Solution 

I am happy to say that I have cured this problem and the solution is quite simple. My solution get’s complete strangers, approaching you with with smiles and warm handshakes and the first thing they utter before any introduction is a genuine compliment. A total win win right. Firstly because they feel comfortable enough to approach me and secondly because I never feel nervous when getting compliments from a complete stranger, do you. The secrets you might ask are my Fun Socks from DapperGanger. Yes, fun socks really make that much of a difference? For me the socks work great, for others it could be a funky pocket square. My go to rule for networking success: arm yourself with a unique piece of clothing that can make you standout.

Now I have heard of networkers wearing 2 watches on the same wrist, strange haircuts or crazy unique tattoos, some even wear permanent name tags all of which attract comments and may indeed show off individualism and boldness but you don’t want to come across as weird or attention seeking.

Fun Socks Break Down Social Barriers 

Dapperganger Fun Socks Barber Pack I prefer wearing DapperGanger Fun Socks. They are complimentary and act as an accent to your wardrobe. They say a lot about your personality by removing any social barriers making you likeable and easy to approach. I know this because whenever I wear them I get approached. I never get the awkward introductions or nervous pauses. People approach me as if I am a member of their family, they remember my name and are always on the look out for what unique pair of fun socks I will wear next. Yes its the power of the socks, I consider them my power socks. 

So if you are looking for an awesome icebreaker I suggest you looking into getting a real cool 4 pack of Dapperganger fun socks and run the same social experiment I did. You will likely end up with a lot more professional connections and whole lot more friends and have a lot of fun the whole time. 

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