Top 10 Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is around the corner and you want to get your dad a really cool gift that he'll actually love and use all the time. Let’s face it, this is the guy who looks out for you, supports you both financially and emotionally. You can always count on him despite the good and bad times. Making a decision on a gift for such a man can be very stressful considering all he has done for you. So we want to make your job super easy this Father's Day! Below is a carefully curated list of the top father’s day gift ideas.  As a dad myself, these are all gifts I would love to receive! Let us know which one you got for your dad!

1. Men’s Fun Socks 4 Pack by DapperGanger

Every man these days wants to highlight his dull wardrobe with a pair of brilliant colourful fun socks. These days the crazy patterns mean more compliments and quite frankly create a social buzz and generate happiness wherever they are seen.  Bonus, lots of positive attention for dad!  

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2. Chillsner

Most men love beer. There are hundreds if not thousands of beers out there and most men are very selective in the type they love to drink, dark, light imported or exported. The one thing that 99.9999% of men have in common when it comes to beer is that that very few of us love warm beer. Chillsner has come up with a super cool product and solution that keeps your beer ice-cold for a long time. Ice cold refreshing beer the way it was intended for us to drink. Your father will not be disappointed in this gift when he kicks his feet up to watch the game with a bottle of ice cold beer! 

3. S'well Bottle

Everybody wants there dad to live a long healthy life but sometimes in this face paced world your dad can neglect his health. One vital thing that he could be doing is simply drinking enough H20. So how do we enforce this and make it a habit?  S'well has created an awesome water bottle that keeps liquids ice cold for 24 hours and liquids hot for 12 hours. Their unique and high quality, funky designs will generate a tonne of compliments and keep your father very well hydrated. 

4. Power Bank with Color Multi Adapter 


These days our Dad's are not that 'old school'. In fact most of them love tech and surf online like a pro!  They love there smart phones to the point of an addiction and are likely to run out of battery life very quickly. The portable powerbank is the perfect gift for your father. No more dropped calls due to no battery life. In conjunction with the powerbank, the unique multi-cord adaptor in different colors will also benefit him greatly when using multiple products like wireless headphones with different adaptors, e-readers and more. The color aspect of this multi-cord adaptor dumbs down the tech, so they can easily color code what goes adaptor goes with what device. 

5. Survival Kit

For the Father who loves the great outdoors this is a small survival tin which allows him to put his mind at ease knowing he has the essentials to keep his family safe. Not to mention its just plain cool. Every dad wants to be the hero for his family. 

6. The Gentleman's Box

These days monthly surprise gifts rule. With Gentleman's Box subscription service, your dad will get so excited each and every month when a newly curated gentleman’s box is delivered right to his door. This box features cool and different men's accessories every month. There's no doubt he will be so grateful and only be thinking of you every single month when he opens up his Gentleman's Box. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

7. The TrackR

Does your dad ever lose his keys or wallet? That’s like asking if the sky is blue. There is something that really pains you about how crazy he get’s looking for them isn't there? Well look no further, the TrackR will help your dad find his phone, his keys and his wallet in seconds. A real life saver and this will have your dad keeping his calm and relaxed self that you love so much more. 

8. Portable Backyard Grill

Being a Dad and barbecuing go hand in hand. As much as you love your father, it may be tough to break the bank getting him a top of the line $1000 bbq set but, this little red showstopper will leave him with big grin on his face. Family get-togethers on the beach, at the park, anywhere, he will fire up this little red puppy and mention that you got it for him as he happily flips burgers and hotdogs. 

9. Cross Edge Capless Gel Ink Pen Nitron Blue

This Pen looks gorgeous but it writes even better then it looks. It comes in various colors. It has handy refills at all stationary stores and will leave your father compelety addicted and obsessed. Trust me as a man who has personally received and experienced this gift, he will never use another pen unless he of course loses it. It's a pen you cannot live without. 

10. Beard Oil and Beard Grooming Kit by DapperGanger

The beard trend is not a trend anymore. Dad’s are now allowed to comfortably grow a beard without any kind of judgement, on the contrary he would now be considered hip! But that doesn't mean that your dad should forget about beard care or maintenance. DapperGanger has put together an awesome beard kit for men which has multiple uses aside from his beard care. It includes a DOPP Travel Bag in a fashion forward canvas with leather trim, all the beard products are made with certified organic ingredients and include  beard oil, beard balm, and beard shampoo. This kit also includes beard trimming scissors and a multi-tool beard comb that subs in for a bottle opener and fits nicely on his keychain. This Kit comes in gorgeous packaging and makes an awesome gift. 

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Albert Bendahan on May 27 2016 at 05:04PM

Thrilled to see all these cool products in display and for sale for Father’s Day

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